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Ten Fuso Shoguns on duty for ACFS Port Logistics
Ten Fuso Shoguns on duty for ACFS Port Logistics
Ten Fuso Shoguns on duty for ACFS Port Logistics 10th March 2023 Tags:

ACFS Port Logistics has added 10 new Fuso Shogun prime movers to its fleet.

The new models, which include six 460 Shoguns and four 510 Shoguns, join a large number of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Actros models in the ACFS stable.

Fuso’s Shogun 510 is the hardest hitting Japanese truck in Australia, with more power (510hp) and torque (2500Nm) than its rivals.

ACFS Port Logistics moves a remarkable 1.2 million TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units) every year and operates 15 warehouses around the country. It is the largest privately-owned container logistics operator in Australia. The company has put the Shoguns to work in single, B-Double and side-loader applications.

All Shoguns feature advanced engines that meet the Euro 6 emission standard and produce dramatically less particulate matter and nitrogen oxide than equivalent Euro 5 rated engines.

The Shogun purchase is part of the ACFS Port Logistics Fleet Renewal Program and was organised through Daimler Trucks Gold Coast by salesman Brock McGarity.

“We have ramped up our commitment to reducing carbon emissions with our fleet renewal program that focuses on vehicles that are Euro 6 rated, which includes the Fuso Shogun and Mercedes-Benz Actros models,” says AFCS Port Logistics Fleet and Compliance Manager, Alan Guest.

“We are excited to welcome these Shoguns to our fleet as they tick the boxes when it comes to emissions, efficiency and safety,” he adds.

“The drivers love them too. They’re a good fit for our fleet,” Mr Guest says.

Safety is paramount for ACFS Port Logistics and the Shogun’s advanced active safety features were key to its selection.

The Shogun comes with a radar/camera Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), which can automatically perform emergency braking for vehicles and moving pedestrians. All Shoguns come standard with Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Active Attention Assist (AAA).

ACFS Port Logistics also adds its own task-specific safety items on top of the suite of standard safety features including five cameras and data telemetry system, as well as fitting its trailers with all the latest features including electronic aids.

The Shogun 460 uses an efficient 11-litre six-cylinder engine that generates 460hp and is teamed with a 12-speed fully-automated transmission. The 510hp 13-litre Shogun 510 was developed specifically for Australia, in response to local requests for a Japanese truck with more than 500hp.

Mr Guest says ACFS is pleased with the fuel efficiency of the new Shogun models.

“The fuel efficiency is quite good, we’re getting near double the efficiency compared to the trucks they replace,” he says.

ACFS is continually looking at new innovative technologies designed to reduce its carbon footprint and is excited by upcoming zero emission Daimler Truck models that will suit cargo distribution.Ten Fuso Shoguns on duty for ACFS Port Logistics

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